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Monday 23 Jul 2018

TV Show
12:25 am
Mike Tyson Mysteries
Thy Neighbor's Life
Mike's neighbours, friendly radiologist Gil and his wife, invite the gang to dinner. Mike mistakes h .. More..
GO! (93/53)
12:48 am
Mary Shelley 's Frankenhole
When Death doesn't get any respect from Victor, he takes it out on the his mortal children. .. More..
GO! (93/53)
04:15 am
Kate And Mim Mim
Tee Hee Rex/mega Music Maker
Kate assumes that it was Dad who played a funny April Fool's Day joke on her. In Mimiloo, a trickste .. More..
GO! (93/53)
05:00 am
The Wotwots
Wotty Hermit
DottyWot makes a picture out of shells on the beach but before she can show her brother the picture .. More..
ABC2 (22)
05:07 am
Yo-kai Watch
Yo-kai Medallium/yo-kai Hungramps/yo-kai Wazzat/manjimutt: Part 3
Nate meets Hungramps, a Yo-kai triggering hunger pangs outside of a convenience store, and contends .. More..
GO! (93/53)
06:28 am
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
On Your Marks
Now that they've finally received their cutie marks, the Cutie Mark Crusaders struggle with the ques .. More..
GO! (93/53)
07:00 am
Beat Bugs
Why Don't We Do It In The Road / The
When the Beat Bugs break the rules and play on the road, it's up to Walter to find his inner action .. More..
7TWO (72/62)
07:02 am
Beyblade Burst
Winged Launch
Valt gets the rematch against Quon he's been waiting for. A revelation from Wakiya and Shu puts stra .. More..
GO! (93/53)
07:30 am
Ben And Holly's Little Kingdom
Father's Day
It is Father's Day in The Little Kingdom and all the dads are given a day off work to go and play to .. More..
07:31 am
Pokemon The Series: Sun & Moon
First Catch In Alola, Ketchum-style!
While Ash tries to catch his first Pokémon in the Alola region, Team Rocket is making friends with a .. More..
GO! (93/53)
07:55 am
Peppa Pig
Dressing Up
Peppa and George love dressing up. One day they creep into Mummy and Daddy's room and dress up in th .. More..
08:40 am
The Hive
May Bee
Rubee is thrilled to be May Queen for the May Ball until she discovers how much she has to remember .. More..
08:45 am
Bottersnikes And Gumbles
The Gumbledex
Tink is desperate to get his name into the Gumbledex, a record of outstanding Gumble achievements, a .. More..
ABC3 (23)
08:59 am
Turning Mecard
Dana Vs Dabi
Jason and his crew wait till the early morning to make their way to Dr. Franklin's secret lab. Alon .. More..
GO! (93/53)
09:59 am
Barbie Dreamtopia
The Sweetest Journey – A Story About Communication/a Mopple Mishap – A Story About Being Flexible
While on a nature hike with Barbie, Chelsea runs ahead as Barbie takes her own sweet time. Meanwhile .. More..
GO! (93/53)
10:29 am
Kate And Mim Mim
Babysitting Squoosh/chilly The Snowman
Kate wonders what's wrong with her birdhouse, the birds aren't visiting it. In Mimiloo, Kate, Mim-Mi .. More..
GO! (93/53)
10:52 am
Twinkle Twinkle
Elly finds a beautiful star that has fallen out of the night sky. She loves it and wants to keep it .. More..
11:08 am
Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood
Thank You Grandpere Tiger!
Grandpere Tiger comes to visit, but is only in town for a short while. Daniel is sad that Grandpere .. More..
01:55 pm
Mike The Knight
Mike The Knight And Evie And The Magical Challenge
When Edward declares that no one else can enter knight camp, Evie uses her magic to challenge him. .. More..
02:48 pm
Strawberry jam, a tricky chicken and a disappearing stunt there's a Dirtgirl recipe for fu .. More..
02:59 pm
Pokemon The Series: Sun & Moon
Yo, Ho, Ho! Go Popplio!
Ash's class is going on a fishing trip, and Professor Kukui asks Lana to be in charge! Everyone cast .. More..
GO! (93/53)
04:11 pm
Timmy Time
Timmy The Hero
Timmy's imagination is sparked when he reads a superhero comic. Meet (baa-baa-ba-ba-ba-baaaaaaaaaaa) .. More..
04:35 pm
Peg + Cat
The Funky Seventies Problem
Woodstock. Peg's grandparents love groovy 60s tunes, but their pet goats only want 70s funk! Can Peg .. More..
05:11 pm
Fireman Sam
The Big Chill
When a big chill comes to Pontypandy, Norman and Mandy decide to make a snowman. .. More..
05:30 pm
Peppa Pig
Pedro Is Late
The playgroup is going on a trip to the museum. Everyone, is on the bus ready to go. But is Pedro Po .. More..
06:06 pm
The Octonauts And The Orcas
When a huge Orca whale becomes stranded on a beach, Captain Barnacles and the Octonauts devise a pla .. More..
ABC2 (22)
07:08 pm
Ben And Holly's Little Kingdom
The Party
It's the Twin's birthday party and chaos ensues when their little friends arrive. The Wise Old Elf t .. More..
ABC2 (22)
11:07 pm
Space Race: Part 2
Archer and his colleagues at ISIS wish they had never voyaged to the final frontier in an effort to .. More..
ABC2 (22)

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