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Microsoft Screenshot What Is RSS?

RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication' and is an easy and powerful way to view headlines and brief pieces of information without actually going to a website. RSS feeds can be read via RSS newsreaders or via a variety of portal sites that allow RSS feeds to be added as 'channels'.

Some useful RSS platforms, readers and resources include:

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  • Microsoft's
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    Australian-based web-based RSS viewer and organiser.

Terms Of Use

    1. The eBroadcast TV Highlights RSS feed is a hand selected sample of four TV Highlights per day. It is not a complete channel listing service.

    2. The eBroadcast RSS feeds may be used for both personal and commercial website use.

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Premium Content

eBroadcast Australia has syndicated premium content for Australian online audiences since 1994 and offers a range of information services for commercial websites and the print industry. See here for more information.