TV & Movie Guide Australia for iPhone

iPhone TV Guide for Australia

Introducing Australia's first TV + Movie Guide app for iPhone.

Download the latest TV times and cinema sessions to your iPhone and get all your viewing needs in one place!

TV + Movie Guide Australia is a unique 2-in-1 app that will allow you to view what's on TV and look up cinema session times across Australia, from the comfort of your iPhone.

Australian TV Guide features:

  • All FTA channels across Australia
  • Grid view, swipe up and down or sideways
  • Customise your channels
  • Full descriptions for TV shows
  • "Follow" your favourite shows
  • Set up Reminders
  • Share recommendations on Facebook, Twitter and via Email

Australian Movie Guide features:

  • Daily session times for all Australian cinemas
  • New Releases
  • Coming Soon previews
  • Top 10 Box Office
  • Trailers, IMDB and official websites
  • Share recommendations on Facebook, Twitter and via Email

Just search for "ebroadcast" on the iTunes App Store, or click the button below to download!

If you are having problems or need help, just contact us: